UPS Micro-40/240V

uninterruptible power supply protection

UPS Micro-40/240V

MD Equipos Tecnológicos has developed a specific Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in order to protect those loads that are DC operated.

In the event of sudden failure due to problems derived from electricity consumption, such us voltage cut-offs or micro-interruptions, the UPS Micro 40/24 VDC-1000W device preserve the proper functioning of those devices connected to a direct current power supply network. In this way, sudden stops of maneuvers or manufacturing processes are avoided, thus minimizing the consequential losses.

Considering the high price of an UPS for sources powered by three-phase alternating current, the Micro 40/24DC model is more economical and is presented in a more compacted size. Additionally, conventional direct current sources currently available on the market do not reach these powers.

In absence of electrical supply the time of operability of the loads is selected with the aid of a timer. This device can be customized for other voltages and powers in order to fulfill customer needs.