MD EQUIPOS TECNOLÓGICOS is a 20 years experienced company settled in Valencia. We devote ourselves to manufacture both internal and external electrical protective devices, as well as designing and manufacturing railway protective devices. Nowadays, we are members of a group of companies: MD Equipos Tecnológicos, MD Asenerval and Aiditec Systems.


Each company of our group is specialized in an area of development.



Design and manufacturing of electrical protective devices against overvoltages, medium and high harmonics.

Design and manufacturing of railway protective devices.



Design and manufacturing of lightning protective devices. Projects implementation, installations, inspections, maintenace and certifications.



Monitoring, management and energy engineering. Support to companies in order to manage their energy resources efficiently and implement measures to reduce energy costs.


“Innovation and continuos development according to the needs of our clients. We seek excellence in our products and servicies we offer.”


In MD we have highlighted five strategic points to ensure the success of our company:


Product engineering. Developing solutions according to the needs of our customers.

Offering excellent products and servicies.

Help and support our clients in the search of solutions to their problems.

Higlhy qualified personnel.

International expansion.